2018 Great American West


Scottsdale – January 17

Santa Barbara – February 7

Salt Lake City – March 14

Boise – April 18

Portland – May 16

Seattle – June 13

2018 Midwest


Kansas City – January 24

Dallas – February 13

Omaha – March 21

Denver – April 11

Chicago – May 21

Big Data & Analytics Learning Series

We are Big Data & Analytics market leaders dedicated to educating, empowering and engaging communities by hosting events across the United States on all topics regarding Big Data & Analytics. See our team further down on this page...

Help businesses, the community and the planet realize the benefits, value, promise and potential solutions that Big Data & Analytics provide through education and engagement.

Our community includes Fortune 2000 private & public companies of all sizes and industries, academic institutions, government agencies from all across the US. Along with our sponsors, regional business leaders present and sit on our panel.

Our market leading Big Data & Analytics product and service providers consistently land in the Top 50 Big Data & Analytics Lists and the Gartner Magic Quadrant, along with winning industry awards. These partners provide their knowledge, experience, use cases and best practices by presenting and answering questions during our panel discussions.

Our interactive, town hall style events kick off with a network reception so everyone gets a chance to meet everyone. We then provide high quality presentations based on our 15 Big Data & Analytics themes along with a lively panel discussion.

Our presentation and panel discussion content consists of three tracks, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Each of these tracks have multiple themes, designed to cover all areas of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. This ensures our events provide education on all areas of these new technologies, helping us accomplish our vision of Education & Engagement across the United States at our events.

  • Attendees recommending our presentations to others 92%
  • Attendees recommending our event to others 92%

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What our Attendees say about our Events

Great mix of presenters and great discussion. The venue and the event were excellent. Good group for networking in the Big Data space.

Dale Leake

Manager Data Management, Graybar

There was good diversity in the presentation topics, I liked the Internet of Things and Big Data Cloud presentations the most.

Stephen Mateer

Channel Sales Specialist, Pitney Bowes

Good atmosphere and good group of people with good information.

Jim Reilly

Environmental Scientist, CDM Smith

The venue was excellent, the event exceeded expectations. What I liked most was meeting up with experts in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Amin Rastfar

Market Research Analyst, Delta Dental

What our Sponsors say about our Events

Looking forward to doing more of these events in the future.

Paul Yip

Competitive and Product Strategy, Hadoop and Spark, IBM

I enjoyed how the meeting was run and involving people by calling them out by name, that’s what’s it all about. It’s great to get that participation.

Brad Nelson

Chief Field Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Very beneficial event, and the format is not just your typical Marketing pitch to prospective users. Real use cases are presented and discussed, and the audience participation is excellent. Definitely a worthwhile endeavor and looking forward to future events.

Matt Robinson

Enterprise Account Manager, Nutanix

As we focus on creating awareness of HyperGrid’s offering in the Midwest, we found Big Data & Analytics Learning Series to be an ideal fit. Unlike other events which can seem like a “sales pitch”, the Big Data & Analytics Learning Series team create more of an informative, seminar-like setting representing a cross section of subject matter experts across multiple industries.

Tad Finer

Regional Vice President, HyperGrid

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