What our Sponsors say about Us

The Big Data & Analytics learning event was a fantastic session that provided a unique approach to understanding sponsor value propositions while creating an effective learning environment.

Interaction between presenters and attendees was truly some of the best I have ever seen. All done in a very casual, unassuming setting. Awesome!

Lonnie Ludwig

Partner Solutions Manager, CB Technologies

That event was really a very rare opportunity to talk about current issues with tomorrows data scientists.

I not only enjoyed their questions but they were honestly engaged and trying to understand how they can help their organization move forward.

If there is an opportunity I would love to speak again with that group.

Richard Lauwer

Subject Matter Expert - Information Governance, Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE)

As we focus on creating awareness of HyperGrid’s offering in the Midwest, we found Big Data & Analytics Learning Series to be an ideal fit.

Unlike other events which can seem like a “sales pitch”, the Big Data & Analytics Learning Series team create more of an informative, seminar-like setting representing a cross section of subject matter experts across multiple industries.

Tad Finer

Regional Vice President, HyperGrid

Looking forward to doing more of these events in the future.

Paul Yip

Competitive and Product Strategy, Hadoop and Spark, IBM

I enjoyed how the meeting was run and involving people by calling them out by name, that’s what’s it all about. It’s great to get that participation.

Brad Nelson

Chief Field Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Very beneficial event, and the format is not just your typical Marketing pitch to prospective users. Real use cases are presented and discussed, and the audience participation is excellent. Definitely a worthwhile endeavor and looking forward to future events.

Matt Robinson

Enterprise Account Manager, Nutanix

Thank you for opportunity to participate in your panel discussion.

It was great interaction with the attendees and good questions for the panel. Nicely organized event.

Kelli Case

Territory Account Manager, OSIsoft

Thank you very much for this opportunity to present and I thoroughly enjoyed this as well.

It was a very pleasant venue with excellent perspective from the other attendees and panelists.

Andrew Nelson

Distributed Systems Specialist, Nutanix

Thanks very much for your work in hosting; I really enjoyed taking part.

Matthew D. Brooks

Worldwide Sales - Cloud Data Services, IBM Analytics